Prayer for Monday 3/2

05-KingJosiah-ThumbnailCoverAh, Mighty Jehovah. You are mighty in wonder, in love and life, justice and mercy. Mighty in creation of the largest and minutest. Never-ending. Always persisting. Never giving up. Always here. Never giving in. Always insisting. I am so much lower than you. Yet I am close to you in mind and heart and am part of you in soul and spirit. My thoughts of you swirl around like in a whirlwind and soar to you through the heavens. With all my being I laud and honor you.

Sometimes I am so selfish. Forgive my resentments when I feel unnoticed. Replace the hard part of my heart with childlike acceptance and discovery.

Thank you, my Lord, for the freedom I have living where I can worship you openly. And for health and wealth. For the beauty and peace of nature always around me, over me, under me. For color and shape, voices and music, taste and smell, touch and feeling. For beauty in all things.  Mostly for leaving the indescribable heaven to come rescue me from Satan. Then, when you returned to heaven you left behind a road for me to travel so I may join you in your world. The road is full of light and when I am on it, I feel the light ~ I feel you.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


05-KingJosiah-ThumbnailCoverJOSIAH is storybook #5 in A CHILD’S BIBLE KIDS.  Josiah’s grandfather on his father’s side was bad.  His grandfather on his mother’s was good.  When his father died and he became a child king, he had to decide which grandfather he would copy.  He went to see his good grandfather more and more.  Then when he was 18 he made it a law that no one could bow down to statues, no matter how beautiful they were.  The people did not want to obey, partly because he was only a teenager, but they had to because he was their king.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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