Fun with God

I am sharing this from one of my fellow World English Institute teachers named Sherri.  ENJOY!

Years ago somebody said to me that things like this, and other natural wonders, reminded him that God is creative and has a sense of humor, in addition to all the other attributes we usually focus on.  The mind that created all these wonders is so beyond our ability to completely understand.  
Also, I heard in a sermon once something to the effect of: God could have just made a tree.  One tree, duplicated over and over.  But instead, the diversity he employed, just among the types of trees, is almost mind-blowing.  He is able to do so much more than we can imagine. 
As amazing as the natural world is, part of its function is to let us see another side of him, and to see how principles we see all around us in the world he created for us to help illustrate great truths in the spiritual realm that we cannot sense with our earthly abilities.  I think it adds to our faith, and our wonder and awe of him.  


We can only add our amen!

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