Prayer for Friday 2/21

07-Samson-KindleThumbnailYou are the glorious God of the universe and beyond. You are also the God of the minuscule and dwell in such small specs, no one can even imagine you are there. Mostly you are the God of my heart. I adore you. You forgive me for the same things over and over. How can you? Because you are Love and to be l ess would be beneath your very nature. I am so small and unworthy, but you see me anyway. You even think about me all the time. I am never out of your thoughts. The magnitude of your heart transcends worlds and all that exists.

Oh, Jesus, you did so much, felt so much, said so much, gave so much. Mostly, you forgave so much. Thank you, God, for materializing so you could do those things for me. Thank you for leaving your world and entering mine. Thank you for doing what was necessary to ransom my soul from Satan and open the door to heaven. How I long to go through that door and be with you one-on-one forever. Thank you for being everywhere at once and making each one of millions feel as though we alone have your undivided attention. I can never understand how you do it. But I can thank you over and over and over, my Lord. And worship you.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


07-Samson-KindleThumbnailSAMSON is storybook 7 in the series, A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES.   One day Samson realized he had strength far beyond what anyone else had.  He also became the nation’s highest judge.  But, instead of having an army like Joshua and Gideon had and like Saul and David would someday have, he just protected his people himself with his big muscles.  For 40 years he was their judge and people came to him for advice.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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