Prayer for Thursday 2/20

06-Moses Thumbnail CoverI long to be closer to you, my Lord, and understand you better.  It will come.  For I will live with you forever.  I can hardly wait! To see you face to face.  Ah, the thought.  My father, if my body is attacked by a deadly disease or I am in a vehicle accident, please pay no attention to my friends who will pray for my healing.  I do not want healing because that only will deter me from being with you.  Welcome disease, welcome accident, welcome the end of my life here in the shadows. The end here is the beginning of real life.  Welcome bright glory, welcome the sunshine of your presence, welcome the majesty of you on your throne of the universe and beyond.  You are the Power of all powers, Maker of all makers, Lord of all lords.  You are the Seen Son, the Heard Spirit, the First Cause Father. And I worship you.

Thank you, holy God, for making me so I can be close to you and magnify you. I often wonder why some people naturally lean toward you and others do not. Perhaps some just do not show it outwardly as much as others. Thank you for the peaceful life I live with my family. I’d be happy with my family in a barn!  It is not where; it is who. And thank you for my warm home, sheltering me from the blustery wind and snow out there. And thank you for Christian hymns. Most of the composers are long ago through with this life. But I thank you for putting the songs in their heart to write and share with the world. What delights you put in my life.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


06-Moses Thumbnail CoverMOSES is storybook #6 in A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES.  Moses began life as a slave, became a prince, killed a bad man, ran for his life, and married into an Arabian family.  Sometimes while watching his sheep he would write about his people, or study the stars, or play with his children. He also lost all his confidence. Why would God ever want him to lead millions of people who were never allowed to make their own decisions? To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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