Prayer for Monday 2/17

03-Abraham-ThumbnailCoverAh, Lord God, when I look at the mountains, I see you standing on top of them with laughter on your lips, power in your legs, protection in your arms. When I look at the animals in winter, I see you with determination, resilience, and strength against the winds, the sleet, the snow. One of these days I will see the crocuses peeking their heads through the snow and saying to the world, “Hi! Remember me? You’ve almost made it through the winter. See I’m proof.” Oh, the beauty of your universe and all the promises it reflects of their Creator.

Thank you for life and love, for peace and freedom, for family and friends.  And, well, it’s hard for me to do, but well, here goes.  Thank, you for people who talk mean to me, are impatient with me, who mock me, who hate me even though they do not know me.  Thank you for people who misrepresent me, gossip about me, and do not see things the way I do.  Thank you for all these opportunities you put in my path to love those who do not love me.  Like you. Just like you. Thank you for the opportunities to smile when I want to frown, sing when I want to cry.  As you once said long ago, “What does it profit me if I love only those who love me?”.  And, yes, the biggie:  You loved me before I loved you.  I guess it’s my turn now, Lord.  But what’s this forgiving 490 times the same person for the same thing over and over?  Oh, that’s me. I think now I understand.  I am most blest.  Thank you for forgiveness and all those second chances you have given me. How can I ever thank you?  Hmmm… Looks like I’ve gone full circle, my Lord.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


03-Abraham-ThumbnailCoverABRAHAM is Bible storybook #3 in A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES series.   Sometimes Abraham would go see old Noah. But when he was 58, Noah died.  The city of Ur went wild after that. A few years later, God told Abraham to leave that city.  Come along with me to learn all the unexpected twists and turns in Abraham’s life. “Think & Do” at the end of each chapter.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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