Prayer for Sunday 2/16

02-Noah-KindleThumbnailI praise and adore you, God of all heaven and earth and all existence. You are greater than death, for you are the life-giver. They couldn’t kill you.  They thought they did; but you were just resting for those three days.  Then you tricked them.  You are Life. Life is stronger than death. You are a user.  You turn death into the glorious doorway to life more glorious than imagination. You are Life. You will be there when I die, welcoming me into a realm of joy and beauty and peace that I cannot even begin to imagine. Life here is like living in a cave compared with heaven or being blind and trying to understand color. How I long to leave this cave and to open my blind eyes. How I long to be in your world and before your throne.  I think when I get there, I shall try to sing to you louder than anyone else. Would that be a sin, Lord?

Thank you, God, for being close to me in prayer. No other god has done that. No other god loves because no other god exists. Those so-called gods stay at a distance from mankind with no love, but only instilling fear. You are my Maker and the Lover of my soul. Thank you for your Words in flesh and the pain you willingly endured in my place for my sin. How could you have done it?  Well, it is morning again. Morning when I can greet the day you brought me. Morning when I can once again greet you, though in my sleep, I know you never left me. Morning when I can face my griefs and pain and let you smile and lift my burden so I can walk free, knowing you have everything under control.  With you, it is always morning. 


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


02-Noah-KindleThumbnailNOAH is book 2 in A CHILD’S BIBLE HEROES.  God promised he would save Noah and his sons even though they weren’t born yet.  He began work on the big boat by himself. People laughed at him.  As his sons grew up, the kids at school teased them about their crazy father. Eventually, the rains did come. The water rose and fell.  Then the rainbow! To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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