Prayer for Monday 2/10

00-Stephen-Cover-Kindle-ThumbnailGod of Glory, Truth, Life, Love. You made the world with all its wonders.  Satan tried to take it from you. He tried to take over the world you made. You said, “Just try it and I’ll destroy your destructions.”  You are so strong. You destroy darkness with light. You destroy evil with good. You destroy nothingness with creativeness.  You destroy death with life. Such a warrior. Nothing stops you!

It is morning.  The night dew has fallen and cleansed your world. Fresh. Newborn. Full of exciting unknowns for the rest of the day. Ups and downs like a bird hopping on the snow.  What shall today bring?  You are the God of second chances. Of starting over. Of being reborn. Yes, come sweet morning. Oh, and thank you for the church, my family, the Bible, friends, Christian radio and TV and films and music. And yes, the songs. The wonderful, glorious songs too. I am so happy there will be singing in heaven. Somewhere in your Word, you admitted you sing.  Oh, glorious thought. Powerful anthems and gentle strains. Thank you for all this and for you being you ~ my loving God.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


00-Stephen-Cover-Kindle-ThumbnailSTEPHEN: UNLIKELY MARTYR is biblical historical novel #7 in the INTREPID MEN OF GOD series.  It begins with Stephen being 17 years old, his best friend, Abraham, being crucified and running to save his own life.  It ends when he is 28 years old with a wife and two children.  What happened those eleven years to turn him from a teenage coward to a selfless, mature, and lofty young man willing the give up the rest of his life here on earth voluntarily.  Heroes are not born.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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