Remarkable. Look at the numbers.

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GENEALOGY ~ Genesis 11:10-26; 12:4:

Noah was 502 years old when Shem was born
Shem was 100 years old when Arphaxad was born
Arphaxad was 35 years old when Selah was born
Selah was 30 years old when Eber was born
Eber was 34 years old when Peleg was born
Peleg was 30 years old when Reu was born
Reu was 32 years old when Serug was born
Serug was 30 years old when Nahor was born
Nahor was 29 years old when Terah was born
Terah was 70 years old when Abraham was born

                 892 years – Noah’s age when Abraham was born

Since Noah died at age 950, Abraham was 58 years old when Noah died.

[I wonder if it was Noah’s death that precipitated God telling Abraham it’s time to move.]

He was born and raised in Ur of Chaldea/Babylon.  He did move to Haran.  He moved from Ur to Haran probably between age 60-70.  He left Haran at age 75 and went to Canaan (later called Israel).

Regardless, Abraham did know Noah for 58 years.  Hmmm.

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