Prayer for Tuesday 2/4

000-COVER-KINDLE-ThumbnailYou alone are worthy of all praise, honor, and exaltation above all others. You are the God of gods, King of kings, Lord of lords. You are the Truth of truths, the Life of lives, the Love of loves.  And you actually love me. You are so large, I can only see a pinpoint of you. You are so minuscule, I can only see a small speck of you. You are everywhere.  I rejoice in the journey, the adventure, the challenge of encountering more and more of you. One small step at a time, I am drawing nearer to you, my God.  Steadily nearer.

I thank you for your Bible. You disclose yourself to me, you pour out your heart with me, you reveal your dreams for me. You share your ups and downs as we love and then turn against you. But most of all, your Bible shows how you have stuck with us even to sending a part of you to live with us, show us what it is like to be sinless, then show us how to die while taking the blame and punishment for our sins. Not only mine but that of the most deviant degenerate sinner. Did that part of you descend to hell for us so you could break out for us? How can I thank you for all this and then writing it down so we can know about it? How I love your Word.  I am so blest.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


000-COVER-KINDLE-ThumbnailLAZARUS: THE SAMARITAN is book one in the INTREPID MEN OF GOD SERIES.  Lazarus lives through all of Jesus’ parables over a period of 45 years.  The adventure begins when he is 19 and on a crew to build the Roman road to and from Sychar. He meets the beautiful Jewess daughter of a copper-mine owner and they end up marrying.  But the town isn’t in favor of mixed marriages and do not attend.  Her father sends to the highways and byways to bring in people to fill the wedding hall.  And so it goes for 45 years when he is old.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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