Prayer for Monday 2/3

Road to Heaven-COVER-KINDLE-THUMBNAILI praise you, my God, for your stubborn love, your patient, protective, persistent love. A love that never lets go of me. You are my joy in the morning, my courage during the day, my peace at night. You are the air I breathe, the bread I eat, the songs I hear. My praises fly on expanded wings to you. How I long to be with you in your home someday. It will happen, my Lord. I know it will happen. 

Thank you for going through so much to save me from problems that are my own doing. You straighten out my messes and turn them into butterflies and roses and gentle waters. Thank you for helping me sense the problems of others so I can soothe their aching hearts with a mutual tear, a smile, a happy word, a walk together.

My heart overflows with enraptured gratitude for your Bible so I can know and understand you even with my finite mind. Thank you for materializing your Words and walking among us so we could see your example of stubborn loyalty to truth and love. You never faltered, all the way to suffering in my place and, despite your agony, standing up defiantly to Satan.  The blood ransom you paid Satan to free us:  He didn’t think you would pay it. He underestimated the power of love and divine clemency.  Ah, rapturous thoughts of gratitude.


I pen my thoughts to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


Road to Heaven-COVER-KINDLE-THUMBNAILTHE ROAD TO HEAVEN is much like Was Jesus (Why Evil?).  It begins in the Garden of Eden and ends in Heaven. It puts together scriptures we have always known about but often do not see quite clearly. Over and over the Bible tells us Jesus ransomed us.  Ransomed us from who? Who was holding us captive?  And what did the Evil One want as ransom in exchange for releasing us?  Give a copy to friends who aren’t interested in worshiping God but still expect to go to heaven.  They do not worship and thank God for what he went through to free them from Satan’s jaws. To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this………. 


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