Prayer for Wednesday

02-DreamMakerChildsCartoonSmallI praise and adore you, Lord God of heaven and earth. Of angels and people. Of stars and beasts. Of galaxies and molecules. So great and so minuscule ~ too large and too small for me to even see. You are in all.  You made all.  Your glory and might and wonders are reflected in all.  You are my Maker, my Defender, the Lover of my soul. You make darkness light. You make rough roads smooth. You make my chains break and fall away. I feel so warm and loved in your presence. You alone are worthy of worship.

Thank you, Jesus, for all your sacrifices. Over and over you sacrificed ~ heaven, a normal childhood, being a suspected bastard, being hounded by would-be assassins for over two years. You went in and out of hiding. You dared them to live what they demanded of others. They hated you for it. They tortured you, insulted you, crucified you. Then death and hell.  All to give Satan what he demanded in exchange for our souls ~ the blood of God.  So much. Because of MY sins. My sins. You never gave up. Your unselfish, self-sacrificing love is unfathomable. Help me comprehend your dazzling love more so I can thank you more.


I write to encourage souls. Will you help me share today’s book with someone?


02-DreamMakerChildsCartoonSmallA CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST: DREAM MAKER is a storybook that can be understood by a smart three-year-old. “Think and Do” at the end of each chapter gives a good work up to around age 12.  Large squiggly letters are fun to read.  Long names of people, places, and things are divided with dashes between syllables for easy reading.  Get the whole set of 8 storybooks.  Perfect for church libraries, Bible school teachers, homeschoolers and grandparents.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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