Prayer for Friday 1/17

00- Worship Changes KC COVER-thumbnailAh, my Lord God. I praise your life which is eternal, your logic which is truth, your example which dared to materialize on this temporary earth. You are more powerful than darkness and death, ruin and chaos, apathy and lies. You do, you have, and you will overcome evil. Evil is just a dark shadow against the brilliance of your power of Good.  Evil is confusion and rebellion and egos that try to make themselves higher than you. Your throne will stand forever, your crown rule for eternity, your diadem stand forevermore.

Thank you, Jesus, for taking my place.  Living and being perfect for me because I could not do it. Dying and descending to Satan in my place because I could have never broken out like you did. You, Lord God, did the impossible by overcoming both Death and Evil for me. I am the guilty one. I was being held for ransom by Satan. The only ransom he would accept is the death of God. You gave him what he wanted, then tricked him by coming back to life. Satan may as well have given up then. But he is stubborn and clings to his empty ego. You are more stubborn and cling to your unconquerable love for mankind. I fall at your wounded feet with tears and whisper my feeble Thank You.


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00- Worship Changes KC COVER-thumbnailWORSHIP CHANGES SINCE THE FIRST CENTURY gives the exact year each change was introduced and adopted. It also gives names of martyrs who objected to the changes and how they died.  Many hymns we know and love today were written by those same martyrs.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….

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