Prayer for Saturday 1/11

0-BK 6-PromiseKeeper-Cover-thumbnail-new-kindleMy Elohim, my Creator.  You are the First Cause who brought the world into existence. Without you, nothing would exist, whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional. You are the mover of the world. You are the life of the world, and the lover of my soul. Ah, to be with you and behold you on your throne. You are my light, my heart, my song. You are in the whispers of the wind, the rumblings of the waters, the sighs of a baby.

Thank you, mighty God, for all my blessings. Even if I were without warmth, I would declare my thank you for the glow in my heart. Even if I were without food, I would say thank you for the sweet taste of a loved-one’s kiss. Even if I were without health, I would whisper thank you for the sweet songs of those brave winter birds singing outside my window.


I write to encourage souls. Will you help me get the word out about today’s book?  


0-BK 6-PromiseKeeper-Cover-thumbnail-new-kindlePROMISE KEEPER is lyrical novel six in the series THEY MET JESUS.  It is unique in that the reader takes part in the story by urging the characters to do or not do something.  It is in present tense as though YOU ARE THERE.  Each chapter is about one of 100 people Jesus met and struggled with. Life-Application questions and scriptures cited are at the end of each chapter.  At the end of each book are READINGS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Take a look at this UNIQUE series on the life of Christ.  To BUY NOWclick a book cover or paste this………


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