Prayer for Thursday 1/9

0-BK 5-FloodGates-Cover-Thumbnail-NewAlways Present One,  I praise you, for you are greater than the stars in largeness and greater than the atoms in intricacy. You are the music of hearing, the honey of taste, the velvet of touch, the rainbow of sight, the spice of scent. But much more. How I love thinking about you, for your Word says you think about me all the time. What could I achieve in a day without you? How could I think and judge and do in a day without you? How could my soul survive without you?

Ah, thank you, my Lord, for showing me how to live your divine Words. Thank you, Spirit divine, for helping me walk as Jesus walked and speak as Jesus spoke. Such a blessing available to all people and to me. Life is not worth living without you. Thank you for being able to have my very own copy of your Word and the time to read it, study it, and understand it. I am most blest.



0-BK 5-FloodGates-Cover-Thumbnail-NewFLOOD GATES is lyrical novel five in the series THEY MET JESUS.  It is unique in that the reader takes part in the story by urging the characters to do or not do something.  It is in present tense as though YOU ARE THERE.  Each chapter is about one of 100 people Jesus met and struggled with. Life-Application questions and scriptures cited are at the end of each chapter.  At the end of each book are READINGS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Take a look at this UNIQUE series on the life of Christ.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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One thought on “Prayer for Thursday 1/9


    Your new daily prayers are quite creative and flowery. 😎
    But I myself, really miss the daily Scriptures.
    Just my thoughts.
    Thank you for the time and effort you put into your daily Inspirations.
    Have a blessed day!


    “Likewise, the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses.”
    Romans 8:26a

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