Prayer for Tuesday 1/7

0-BK 2-DreamMaker-cover-kindle-new-thumbnailI praise you, Lord God, for your great goodness.  You continually fight Satan for me in that unseen world. You intercede when I am too weak, but make me fight when I doubt both myself and you. I am never weak when you are near. I cannot see you, but oh how I know when you are at my side. I know when you are stepping between me and danger. I know when you are lifting me up and making me strong. Then my heart soars. I look up to you, am awed by you, and worship you.

Thank you, Lord God, for giving me your Words.  In them, you pour out your heart to me. When I read them, I weep with you, I laugh with you, I feel triumphant with you.  I read of all your own ups and downs as you call out to mankind, “Follow me.  I can lead you to safety. Follow me!”  And all the while, mankind replies with, “Why?  I’m fine doing what I am doing.  Falling?  I’m not falling. It’s all just a game.”  You created me for a purpose.  I will know what that ultimate purpose is when I am fully with you. But, until then, when people insult, I will forgive. When people gossip, I will forgive. When people attack, I will forgive.  And, when I fail to forgive in my weakness, lift me back up to forgive again.  Thank you for the privilege of fighting the fight of love alongside you with your strong forgiveness and indomitable love. Oh, and thank you for a warm home on this cold, rainy winter day and for the soft music in the background and family and friends and the church. My cup overflows.



0-BK 2-DreamMaker-cover-kindle-new-thumbnailDREAM MAKER is novel two in the series THEY MET JESUS.  It is unique in that the reader takes part in the story by urging the characters to do or not do something.  It is in present tense as though YOU ARE THERE.  Each chapter is about someone who was involved in the birth and childhood of Jesus.  Life-Application questions and scriptures cited are at the end of each chapter.  At the end of each book are READINGS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Take a look at this UNIQUE series on the life of Christ.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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