Prayer for Monday 1/6

0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-ThumbnailPraises belong to you, Jehovah. You are my father ~ my Father!  And so strong. Please win the war for us ~ the war with Satan. I am weak. We all are. You are stronger.  He thinks he is winning, but deep in my heart, I know he is not. There may be more people following him on earth but they are like ants compared with your lion-like strength. All power and glory and majesty are yours.  Of course, you will win! You said so yourself.

Ah, thank you, my Lord, for the way you have taught mankind to trust you. Over and over through the centuries and millenniums, you made promises but almost always said, “Later”.  Your promises are like shooting stars.  Sometimes they are fulfilled when I am not looking.  Sometimes, when I think back, I realize, you DID answer me. Then how amazed I become.  It’s kind of like counting my blessings.  And so, with a trust which you renew in me day by day, I keep plugging along, keep struggling, keep climbing. Oh, such a Lord I have who knows my ups and downs and everything between. Thank you for walking beside me and keeping your promise to never leave me.  And thank you for those times that are sprinkled with unexpected delights. 



0000-BK 1-StarSong-Cover-new-ThumbnailSTAR SONG is lyrical novel one in the THEY MET JESUS series.  It is unique in that the reader takes part in the story by urging the characters to do or not do something.  It is in present tense as though YOU ARE THERE.  Each chapter is about someone who was involved in the birth and childhood of Jesus.  Life-Application questions and scriptures cited are at the end of each chapter.  At the end of each book are READINGS FOR SPECIAL OCCASIONS.  Take a look at this UNIQUE series on the life of Christ.  To BUY NOW, click a book cover or paste this……….


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