Prayer for Sunday 1/5

Silver Cover-KINDLE-thumbnailHow I praise you, my Lord Jehovah, for your love ~ loving me enough to help me become strong with an ethereal strength. Strength that burns with a divine energy.  When I choose to gather with others and worship instead of watching a ball game, something mystic happens in your world: Satan loses and you win.  When someone is mean and I tell them there’s nothing they can say to get me to stop loving them, Satan loses and you win. Everything Satan does, you can undo.  He can make sick, you can heal. He can cause death, you can bring back to life.  He can make me sin, you can forgive. What an amazing God you are.

Oh, it is hard to thank you for tragedies.  I don’t want them. I want to run from them. But, through them you constantly empower me. The more Satan dumps tragedies on me and I respond by refusing to blame you, the weaker he becomes. Through my tears, when I fight Satan’s tragedies with a smile, a whispered song, a gentle thought, I feel you there with me.  Through my groanings, I thank you for the privilege and that you count me worthy.  Ah, Lord God, I would die for you, just as you died for me.  



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