Gentle Time


Gentle Time

  • When God created all things good,
  • Something special He understood
  • We would need for pain to languish,
  • Softening life’s chance loss or anguish.
  • With tender heart and word sublime,
  • He spoke into existence Time.
  • One moment’s word or deed is done;
  • An irrevocable web is spun.
  • Tossed about while tragedy batters,
  • A delicate life breaks and shatters.
  • But Time can mend the life that’s broken
  • With patient remedies softly spoken.
  • Stabbing pain invades the flesh
  • Till thoughts and agonies enmesh.
  • No strength to bear; it’s past enduring.
  • Oh, for relief that comes with curing.
  • Time brings tranquillity’s soothing ray.
  • Fair Hope disarms what passes away
  • Death robs a life ~ it cares not how.
  • Yes, bitterly we all must bow
  • As precious ones are snatched from sight.
  • Goodbye? Relent, oppressive plight!
  • Time whispers then, “I conquer all!
  • Be reunited when trumpets call.”
  • Someday our God will vanquish fears.
  • There’ll be no death, no pain, no tears.
  • He’ll change His children ~ all mortals we ~
  • To peaceful immortality.
  • With nothing left save the sublime,
  • He’ll then dissolve what we call Time.

       Katheryn Maddox Haddad

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