Thursday 8/15 ~ Rest in God

The scripture for today, August 15 (8/15), is Romans 8:15 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-“For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the Spirit of sonship.”

I knew someone a long time ago who went through a period of being afraid of everything, something she just could not control. Then she found this scripture and applied it to all her fears. She had read it many times before, but this time was able to apply it to her constant fear. She thought to herself, “Stop being afraid! You are a child of God! He is right there with you. Be brave now. And rest in God.”

Are there times in your life when you are a slave to fear? Perhaps it is fear of the dark. Or fear of losing health. Or fear of strangers. Or of a certain nationality. Or of losing a job or home. Or of losing a loved one.

Stop being afraid! Jesus said we cannot add one hair to our head by worrying.  Write today’s verse on some pieces of paper and tape it to your refrigerator, the dash of your car, the door in and out of your house, your bathroom mirror. Read it until you believe it.  Children of God are not afraid. God is right there with you. Be brave. And rest in God.


00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-PAUL: THE UNSTOPPABLE was just that. He purposely set himself up to be beaten, scourged, imprisoned so he could defy the local priests and tell people the only way to escape hell and be saved from Satan.  Each time he was beaten, scourged, imprisoned, he called out, “Jesus!  This is for you!”.  Go along with Paul and live what he lived.  To BUY NOW,  click a book cover or paste this:

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