Tuesday 5/28 ~ Just like him

The scripture for today, May 28 (5/28), is Luke 5:28 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

0-Titus-Cover-Lg Thumb“And Levi got up, left everything and followed him [Jesus].”

This Matthew Levi was a tax collector, who, in those days, was allowed to set his own tax rates so he could pay the Romans their share and pocket the rest of it for himself. Why would such a man follow Jesus, a man who apparently didn’t have much money? He had to trust Jesus and believe that he was truly a friend.

And why would Jesus ask him? Jesus was certainly taking a chance since the uppity leaders of society and their religion openly declared Jesus a bad person for associating with “sinners and tax collectors”. Jesus, in turn, had to trust and believe in Levi.

A lot of Christians brag that their only friends are those who worship with them. They don’t really trust anyone else, so don’t really want to be anyone else’s friend. That is good, but how are they supposed to bring anyone to Jesus? Jesus went out to “seek and save the lost.”

And sometimes there is a visitor at worship who isn’t dressed right ~ perhaps with uncombed hair, or smell from no shower, or makeup put on too heavy, or clothes not in style, or maybe even dressed too richly. Are we ashamed to be seen with them? Jesus wouldn’t have been. He was color blind, style blind, class blind.

Today, reach out and make friends with someone you have been staying away from. Jesus did. And thereby, you will be like him.


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