Dear God

To brighten your day.

Mitch Teemley


Actual Kids’ Letters to God

Dear God…

“Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don’t You just keep the ones You already made?” ~Jane

“In school they told us what You do. Who does it when You are on vacation?” -Christi

“Please send me a pony. I never asked for anything before, You can look it up.” ~Bruce

“Is it true my father won’t get in Heaven if he uses his bowling words in the house?” -Anita

“If You watch me in church Sunday, I’ll show You my new shoes.” ~MickeyD.

“Who draws the lines around the countries?” ~Jennifer

“It rained for our whole vacation and is my father mad! He said some things about You that people are not supposed to say, but I hope You will not hurt him anyway.” ~Your friend (But I am not going to tell you who…

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