My prayer for Wednesday

I stood on the greatest philosophy I have ever encountered and basked in its brilliance. But I fell.  I stood on patriotism for the best place to live on earth and savored its opportunities. But I fell.  I stood on equal rights around the world, defending the underdog everywhere. But I fell.  I stood on Christ, God in bodily form, and, and, and…  I stood tall and strong. Nothing could interfere or change or destroy. Ah, Lord Jesus, you are my solid rock. Everything else is quicksand. On you I will stand for eternity for you are the majestic wholeness of all that exists now and forever.

Thank you for daytime and night. In the night I am forced to stop whatever I am doing and rest. You made my body to need it. It cannot go on indefinitely. And my body influences my mind. Without enough rest, I cannot think clearly. And so, as the sun sets, I slow down until I recognize my tiredness. Night time is precious. Then there is morning. I wake up with the sun and hear the birds happily singing outside my window. A new day of starting over fresh. A day of new beginnings and second chances. Thank you, Lord, for daytime and night.

Tell me what you think, friend.

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