A newspaper article about me in case you’re interested

Here’s a newspaper article about me that appeared over the weekend in case you’re interested.


Katheryn Maddox Haddad

5 thoughts on “A newspaper article about me in case you’re interested


    Hi, Katheryn,

    I really enjoy your daily “thoughts”. And, this was a nice article!

    I wonder if you would answer a couple of questions for me? I have several auto immune disorders that cause pain, depression and extreme fatigue. I have always wanted to give the dry west (aka Arizona, etc) a try as a reprieve during our Ohio winter gloomy weather. Casa Grande has been on my radar, but when researching, it appears that it has a rather high crime rate. I wondered what your opinion is on that?

    Wherever we go, I would prefer somewhere that has a Bible following congegation. It doesn’t have to be a large congregation. I would actually prefer smaller. Our local group averages in the 70s when it is nice and drops to the 50s – 60s during our winter months.

    I am hoping to start with a 2-4 week stay during late January to mid February as that is one of my hardest and most difficult times of the year. Would there be rentals in Casa Grande for that?

    My husband plans to retire next Spring. We are planning a trip to FL in January 2019 so would not be heading to AZ until 2020. Still plenty of time for more research, right? 🤣

    Thank you for considering my request and I will thank you in advance for any insight you can provide. I realize you are very busy, and am not seeking details, just general info or a lead as to where to find helpful, accurate info.

    Thank you again!

    And, keep writing! Your articles are helpful, informative, and of course, Biblical.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Because of Christ,

    “If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.” II Corinthians 4:18


  2. Linda, I don’t know where you heard Casa Grande has a high crime rate. We have 50,000, but the growth was sudden about fifteen years ago and our town still has a small-town feeling. We are 50 miles east of Phoenix and 50 west of Tucson.

    There are many RV resorts here that seniors winter in and all prices. Just do a google search for RV resorts in 85122 zip code (Casa Grande).

    My congregation has around 125 members. We have several members from Ohio. We have a monthly potluck, ladies Bible class. The church has a website here: http://www.churchofchrist-cg-az.com.

    Good luck.


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