My prayer for Today

Image result for jesus resurrection returning to body

I praise and adore you, God of the universe, for all you do is right and good and just. At the same time, I tremble before your anger when I do wrong, realizing I am doing something that is hurting myself and you are trying to stop me.  I do not and cannot fully understand you, even though you revealed what I can understand in your Word.  I know you are perfect and cannot co-exist with the imperfect. Yet, you love me anyway and continually run after me when I sin, calling for me to stop, turn around, and return to you. You never give up on me. Through everything that life holds, you are my God and I worship you.

Once again, Lord, it is Sunday morning and the sun is just starting to rise as Jesus did when he returned to his body that morning so long ago. It proved who he was and proved his promise would come true that all Christians: When we close our eyes and die here on earth, we will open our eyes and step into true life in heaven. How wonderful! How glorious! How amazing. How can I thank you? I do not deserve it. But you love me even more than I love myself. I do not understand such love but I bow before you in gratitude.

Tell me what you think, friend.

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