Saturday 8/4 ~ Rise up!

The scripture for today, August 4 (8/4), is Acts 8:4 as found in the New Testament of the Bible:

00-PAUL COVER-Thumbnail-“Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever  they went.”

Sometimes our plans get scattered, our dreams shattered. We lose our home, our job, our chance at an education, our savings, our family.

Satan loves to discourage you. He’s good at it. But Romans 8:28 says that God can make something good come out of all things ~ good or bad.

Do you use your circumstance in life as an excuse not to share the Good News that people can be saved from hell and go to heaven instead? 

What if, for instance, you lose your home or job and go to another one? You would be the same person you were at the old home or job.  If your old excuses were not valid any longer, would you then share the Good News?  What is the likelihood you will be any different when your life is “scattered”?

Do not let Satan put excuses in your mind. Rise up! Rise up and do as our Lord Jesus did. Seek and save the lost wherever you go.



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4 thoughts on “Saturday 8/4 ~ Rise up!

    1. Inspirations By Katheryn

      A lot of people miss the point of that scripture. They think it says all things work together for the best. It actually says “for good”. God can take the most terrible event of our life and turn it into some kind of good.


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