Do you ever wonder why?



I wonder why God made the moon; what does it do? It seems like it just floats around up there and reflects light, sometimes more and sometimes less.  Does it really make any difference when you can hardly see it?  OK, I realize that it causes the whole ocean tide thing, but if the oceans just stayed in one place so to speak, would that be any big deal?

Maybe there’s quite a bit that I don’t really understand out there, but the moon; what’s to understand?  It’s just sort of extra isn’t it? If it doesn’t really do anything except reflect sunlight, then I don’t really think I believe in the moon!

Lots of people will agree with me, no doubt about that; lots of people don’t believe in church either.  “Organized religion” they call it; what’s the point?  I can worship God in nature, at home, at the…

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