000-BOOK 1-STAR SONG-PRINT COVER-SmallFREE today and tomorow for Kindle or PC “StarSong”, novel 1 of 8 on the life Christ for seekers http://amzn.to/1KY95Pq #book #Amazon #Kindle #Jesus

This book is being well received by non-Christians. A copy was also sent to a prison, it has been passed around, and the men are asking for the next book. This book is dedicated “To Everyone Who Has Ever Doubted.”

Life application questions at the end of each chapter. Excellent for group discussions.

5-star ratings on Amazon.000-BOXED SET-SOUL JOURNEY-3D

JEAN WILLIAMS, MEMBER AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS AND AUTHOR: “I got goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Fantastic! I’m telling you this is pure genius. Your book is breaking molds, and you may be a leader of this type of book.”

Tell me what you think, friend.

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