The scripture for today, September 1, is Psalm 9:1 as found in the Old Testament of the Bible:HS-COVER-KINDLE

“I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonders.”

I knew a lady many years ago who talked to God all day as though he were sitting or standing beside her, whether she was cleaning floors, washing dishes, going shopping, or just received a telephone call. She talked to God about everything she was doing. God was her constant companion.

What opportunities we miss to talk to God during the day. Every time we do, we are praising Him. How? By acknowledging His concern with everything we do, and in the process acknowledging His omnipresence. And what a wonder His omnipresence is!

Does this include times when everything in our life is going wrong? You bet! On some days, the wonders of God are about the only positive things we can find in our life.

Praising God for his wonders amidst your frustrations, tears, fears and helplessness can lift you out of the mire. It can remind you that you are not alone; for God sees what is happening to you, and in his own way he will perform a wonder for you too.

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  1. Valerie Caraotta

    Katheryn, I too want to communicate with God throughout the day to the point where I sharpen my acuity to hear His still small voice and, like Abraham be among one that “walked with God”. I believe to the degree we are willing to press in that God relays to us hidden treasure reserved for our free choice love toward Him. So much to glean from His presence and a worthwhile journey.


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